The Gyre

by Carthasy

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Roque Progressive metal at its best! Favorite track: Dresden.
Aaron Pavone
Aaron Pavone thumbnail
Aaron Pavone This album caught my attention right away. You can hear similarities with other Australia based post-rock, but really stands out with a great mix of melody and heaviness and great deep sustain of the vocals. The album also has superb production and definitely has a solid place in my music cycle. Favorite track: Garnet.
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FlakeTwist A solid album from start to finish, this is the sort of album you'd give a rock/alt fan to convert them to more metal-like tunes. Favorite track: Walls.
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released February 28, 2014

Carthasy is Lindsay Dick, Willem Lieftink, Garry Dick and Jack Hoffmann.

Produced and engineered by Matthew Templeman at Temple Audio, Perth, Western Australia.

Mixed by Aaron Harris at Vista Sound, Los Angeles, California. Additional Production by Aaron Harris.

Mastered by Chris Common at ORL Productions, El Paso, Texas.

All songs written and performed by Lindsay Dick, Willem Lieftink and Garry Dick, except 6 Underground, written by John Barry, Chris Corner, Leslie Howe and Alvin 'Jupiter' Pickering.

All bass written and performed by Matthew Templeman except 6 Underground performed by Scott Kay. Additional vocals on Ascent and Descent performed by Matthew Templeman.

All songs copyright Carthasy 2013 except 6 Underground copyright Barry/Corner/Howe/Pickering 1996.

Album design and photography copyright Mike Dann 2014.



all rights reserved


Carthasy Perth, Australia

Post-metal for the people.

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Track Name: Ascent
Choking on the breath
We emerge from the water
A premature ascent from the deep

And with a damp set in
Is this a rise to glory
What use if we can’t breathe
Pride atoned won’t let us devolve

Pull me under

Swallow what pride is left and return to the water

Pull me under

Swallow what pride is left 

I’ve never been so fucking
Ive never felt so fucking
How did we get so fucking
How did we get so far from home

Pull me under
Track Name: Descent
A world disengaged
Turn and face it
Pull us into place

Clarity is forced on those cannot wait
Fear the changes

Lost at sea the currents have aligned in me
A heightened sense of urgency
A final chance to rise and breathe

The gyre rotates
Our colours blur and grey
A shared descent

Can we start from the end
It’s calling us
I’m not falling I’m not set in

Cannot stand and pretend
Its calling us
I’m not falling I’m not set in place

The world disengaged
Turn and face it
Fight this fate

A world in disarray
Can't rebuild it
Can't replace

We’re all held to blame
Flood the skies
Now sink in shame

We all float the same
Face down to our
Ocean grave

A call heard too late
Turn embrace it
Pull us back into our place
Track Name: Roche
I want it
I want this to be
The final word an epitaph
It’s what’s defining me

There’s nothing
Was nothing for me
Cold and static waiting there
Safe in apathy

Drawing close still feeling
Will dissolving now
A little taste of heaven calling
Logic caved to feeling long ago

Judge deride a mind outside there’s so much here to show you
The feeling as we coalesce no words could ever say
Never going back from where you pulled me when this started
Cynical its cyclical there’s nothing left

Safe outside alone
Safe outside I am open
Safe outside alone
Safe outside will you open up

Drawing close still feeling will dissolving
Drawing close the feeling will absolve me
Safe alone
You know how it holds me
I wouldn’t want to have it any other way

Safe alone
Track Name: Dresden
It’s still all about you
A soul invested in decay
As the scene is burnt to a memory
Will this satisfy you

Stir the smoke just to breathe it in
You couldn’t bear to give this away
You’re a danger left alone guiding the way

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
As I watched this world ignite
Your choice alone

Bury the vital signs in this anarchy
Locked in the burning scenes of a memory

Still running from
You’ll run away
The pain was always in you

Bury the vital signs in this anarchy
Locked in the burning scenes of a memory
So bury me in this anarchy
Leave me burning here in this memory

Everything burns
Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
Track Name: Endorphin
Should have dealt with this all on my own
Could said that it meant nothing
Never said that this means nothing

Please just one silent moment
Your words lie hollow void of feeling
I’m pining while tied to you

A shallow pulse was fading
Bled out long before we departed
Your colours are shining through

Should have dealt with this all on my own
I’ve carried you

If only we could stand back and celebrate the change
But now I’m left here picking pieces from the sand
Part of me still questions if you even there

All we’d hoped to see
Fell apart when you pulled away
Built to fall if we can’t relate
Stretch and find your place
We’re reborn from release

Part me is wishing to start an empty page
But did you ever feel this? Resolve me

Should have dealt with this all on my own
This means nothing
This means nothing at all
You mean nothing at all
Track Name: Walls
We’re born to fear it
In shadows we remain
The silence feeds it
Resonates in hate

It’s not like you care what they have to say
A single breath to ignite the flame
It’s not like you have to relate to
No way to exist

The walls

I’m trying in tainted air
While spores pervade our wisdom truth lies broken

Align and disappear
In justifying blame clarity finds me

It all ends at why

Four walls that confine us
It’s coming down, coming down
Stones left to remind us
Of what was getting in
Here they’ll never find us
Beyond the reach
Light invades

Once hollow

Four walls surround me
Enlightened and contained
Four walls surround me
Guided by the flame

The walls
Track Name: Garnet
You’re fading through the haze
A mind shelled in decay
As life it ebbs away
I shed this masquerade
Repent too late
A love worn thin
My legacy is stained

An empty hollow gaze
Surveys us in disdain
Like statues gathered here
Prerequisite despair
Is all that's shared
A veiled relief
Let us forget in peace

You’re fading through the haze

As skies begin to grey
My resolution breaks and folds
A fear takes hold
A fear takes hold
Suppressed in vanity
Involuntary shakes
The panic grips me
At the thought
My blood runs cold
Say you won’t, say you won’t
Swear you’ll never forget me

Nurtured us all with blind contempt
The warmth you never felt
Is passed on through me
A blood run cold
Legacy in repeat

So please let go
I’ve let you go
Let me forget in peace

Just let it go
Track Name: Echoburst
If this is vision
Then paint me loss
An echo fades if spoken

A door wedged open
To kept you warm
Just tell me you will

I swear you’ll wait
Til it heals

And when I try to let you breathe
You just crawl back broken

I swear you’ll wait
Til it heals

Just give me one release
I promise you will never hear

I should have come
Track Name: Filters
Exist to own
A life spent on show
Bleach it until there’s nothing left
To taste to feel

Fell casualty
To static pouring in your void of insecurity
Is it blood is it love is it pain that is missing

You reinvent alone

Maybe we’re best just lost in time
The sun it’s set and all that’s left
To know is someone’s listening
A memory torn, the image worn
We’re left with, filtered vacant nothing

You reinvent alone

Maybe we’re best just lost in time